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Snorkeling at Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Bali

Crystal Bay Beach – The Clearness Sand

Crystal Bay Beach – The Clearness Sand

Snorkeling at Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Bali


Crystal Bay, or locally known as Penida Beach, is located in Penida Bay, Sakti Village, a distance of approximately 15 Km from the Port of Nusa Penida. As the name implies, this beach has clear sea water and you can see the seabed to a certain depth so that the beach is widely used as an area for snorkeling. The beauty of the beach which is clear water coupled with the environment that is no less charming makes this beach pretty much a favorite of tourist’s who come to Nusa Penida.



Snorkeling at Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Bali


Once you reach the beach area, you will be greeted by a 1 Km coastline filled with white sand and crystal clear sea water. Crystal bay is a tourist spot that is usually used as a spot for Snorkeling and Diving.

For snorkelling, the water on the beach are fairly calm because the waves broken by atolls or small coral islands in the middle of the sea with a distance of about 50 meters from the beach. So that divers aren’t so dangereous.

To be able to seeing more satisfied beach view, tourist’s usually go up the hill by climbing a rather steep staircase the from a height, view of Crystal bay is clearly visible like an landscape. Above that you can see the atoll and also the hill wall that surrounds the beach and makes the beach water. So the waves aren’t to bigg, then you can  also see the temple that was builted not far from the beach with an architectural design similar of Tanah Lot Temple. From here you can also enjoy the beauty of sunset which is makes the sky a romantic orange colour until end sinking in the sea horizon.




Crystal Bay is an object that is pretty much a tourist’s attraction and quite easy to reach. So around the coast there are already several kinds of simple food stalls that can be a place to rest on the sidelines of the activities to play on your beach. Near the beach there are also lodges in the form of bungalows which are quite affordable of the price per one night. This bungalows can be a choice of places to stay for those of you who to rest in location close to the beach. Feels cool breeze, and get a more striking atmosphere.

Here are some of facilities who is provided from government or society around the Crystal Bay Beach :

  • Several simple food stalls
  • Public toilet
  • Some shower
  • Some restaurant & waroeng
  • Some cottages/villa (nearby there)
  • Some photo spots
  • Snorkelling Counter
  • Snorkel rental
  • Dive Office (Nearby There)


There are two ways for you to depart from Bali to Nusapenida island.

Option 1 : Departing from sanur beach using speed boat transportation to cross passanger. From the port of Nusapenida to Crystal Bay Beach takes about 20 minutes, a distance about 10 Kilometers.

Option 2 : From the port to Kelingking Beach it is advisable to rent a vehicle or use our services Nusapenida Trips by choosing a packages of One Day Trip Of West Side Nusapenida. Or order from our Airbnb Link, to get the epic services from our Airbnb Team, and beside that you can leave the review depend on your experienced with us!

for those who buy the services who buy the services of a travel agency, a chartered vehicle is usually provided to get around nusapenida.